Synarchy Book 3: Welcome to Dacwen

Memorial day weekend wore me out ya’ll. I’m very much an introvert/extrovert. Love being around people, need that energy until I’m done and must retreat back into my quiet bubble of solitude. That’ pretty much how I’m feeling today. I just want to lay in my bed, cocoon myself and watch netflix.

Which is exactly what I’m going to do, but there are some items on the to do list that need tending and the first is sharing more of Book 3 with you all!

The below is literally a mess, I’m not going to lie.  I deeply hate the dialogue in the first scene. I’m not kidding. I hesitated to share it because I dislike the dialogue that much. But, what I do like is the history behind the planet and the purpose of the people, and the policy of not interfering with Earth business. I like the characters in the scene though I don’t have a feel for Saraya’s mother yet. A little one, but I need to dive deeper into her. Funny story behind the name of the planet Dacwen. I asked one of my best friends to give me a cool alien name for what a queen would be called. My asshole friend text me back with DaQueeen. So helpful right? But then I was staring at it, and staring it and from that was born Dacwen aka DaQueen.

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First scene background. I had written (and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to tie it in yet), that at the end of Synarchy Book 2 because of what happens to Michael Gabriel goes off rails. Heven is now in a state of chaos because of it, and Gabriel is trying to erase that, which means erasing everything that happened that the Terenzio’s did to let the Ascension occur. Saraya tries to stop him. There are pieces of that I’ll end up integrating into this book somehow, haven’t figured that out yet. But, that’s the discussion between Saraya and her mother in the first scene.

In the second scene, you’re seeing the fallout of Saraya interfering in Earth affairs for the second time when Saraya rescued Will and Elania from the helicopter. And a very brief introduction to our antagonists. As always I encourage and welcome your feedback!

#Another Scene

Not often present at these proceedings were two Horans. On their home planet, Dacwen the name meant Guardians, and to become a Horan was a great honor. It was their job to guard the Kalturo, seven doorways that existed on Earth of immense power.

[Galaxy name]

The planet Dacwen was a brilliant mix of advanced technology blended with the natural beauty of a planet. Though significantly smaller than Earth, Dacwen was similar in landscape at least on one half. There was a very large continent called [name] that supported the majority of the planets population. Branching out from that continent were a hundred individual islands, varying in shape and population with some completely uninhabited by Dacwieans(?). To the west, following the great ocean the other half of the planet was barren, a place of fire and ice that could not support any life.

Called the [barren place] it had been there for 2,000 years, a startling reminder to the people why there was no longer a King of Dacwen. Long ago, because of pressure by the General Assembly the Queen had allowed the lineage to pass to her son, instead of her daughter. What had followed was the suppression of the feminine, an abandonment of the Goddess and then war. It had nearly destroyed the planet and their entire race, before the King’s daughter had overthrown her father, and begun the painful process of restoring balance.
Saraya marched through the great hall, flanked on either side by two of the [queens] guards. It was not a throne room, but rather an open hall with towering statues, an open balcony behind the Queen that oversaw the Capital city. It resembled more an office than anything else, and was the place where the Queen conducted affairs of the country when she wasn’t presiding over the daily General Assemblies.

Queen [name] was standing next to her desk, a circular thing projecting an curved holographic screen above it, various data scrolling across the screen. Queen NoName pulled her gaze away from it, and centered them on her daughter. There was a displeased expression on her face, evident in the tightening of her features that made deeper the faint wrinkles at the corner of her eyes.

When she stood in front of her mother, Saraya pressed her open palm over her heart, then extended it outwards, her head tipping low with the motion respectfully, the standard greeting.

“Namaste, mother,” Saraya said quietly.

Queen NoName waved her had, dismissing the Guards. When they were alone, she walked down the three short steps to face her daughter. “Saraya what were you thinking?” she asked without preamble.

Saraya hesitated, uncomfortable under the displeased weight of her mothers gaze. But while she felt guilt for disappoint her, she didn’t about her actions. Still, she tried to choose her words carefully. “If we allow this – Earth will fall.”

“A planet we have no allegiance to.”

“We are the Guardians.”

“Of the doorways. Not the planet, and certainly not the people. That is the Archangel’s job. You know this, Saraya.”

Saraya frowned lightly. “I know. I am not soft on the Earth people, that wasn’t why I did it. The majority of them are stupid and cruel – but they are that way because they have not evolved. Many of them embrace conscious evolution but not all. This was their opportunity to do so, the very cosmos aligned so they could. They deserve a real chance.”

Queen NoName sighed. “They do. But do all planets that choose to evolve, Earth is far from the first and it will not be the last. Source has seen fit to throw another challenge their way, and they will either overcome it, or not.” The Queen’s voice grew firmer. “You have no right to play into their destiny, Saraya. This is a battle the people of Earth must overcome through their own strength, by their own merit. Do you understand?”

Saraya was silent, allowing herself to truly hear her mother’s words. After a time she nodded. “Yes mother.”

Queen NoName took her daughters hands in her own. “You are young, Saraya. But your heart is as strong as your mind. Your compassion is not wrong, just misplaced. Suffering is not pleasant but it is sometimes necessary for growth.”

Saraya squeezed her mother’s hands. “I understand mother. I acted rashly.”

“You did. But you will learn. However, your actions are not without consequence. You will make the General Assembly aware of what you have done and accept whatever punishment they decide. And remember, you get one Saraya. Do not disobey the laws again.”

“Yes, mother.”

Jochlan marched down the long corridor and over to the pair. He swept into the respectful motion. “My Queen, Princess, there is trouble. The Galactic Federation has been murdered.”

Shock ripped over Saraya’s face. The Queen frowned deeply. “Jochlan, Saraya go and see the truth of the murder.”

“Yes my Queen. Do we report our findings to the new represntives that are sent?”

“If they ask for it, yes. If they do not, you will hold your tongues. Do you understand?” The Queen looked mostly at her daughter.

Jochlan nodded. Saraya looked as if she might argue but wisely bit her tongue. “Yes, my queen.”

Releasing her mother’s hands she turned and followed Jochlan out of the hall.

“I’m disappointed in you,” Jochlan said quietly once they were side by side.

“I know, I shouldn’t have done it.”

“Not that,” Jochlan’s mouth twisted. “You lost to an Angel. Your training will be doubled for the next moon cycles for that.”

Saraya resisted the urge to both laugh and punch him in the shoulder. “Good. Clearly, I need it.”


Planet Dacwen
The Royal Palace

Saraya had regained consciousness by the time Jochlan returned them. She was able to walk on her own down the hallway of the palace and into the throne room. The Luri Kas, members of the Queens guard stood along the columns. The Queen was not alone either, Savil, Saraya’s brother and one of the Queen’s advisors stood with them.

“Saraya-” Jochlan began, but she interrupted him with a shake of her head.

“It’s okay. It was my choice. I’m just glad you’re all right.”

“I will find out who they are, princess. You will have justice, I swear it.”

“I know,” Saraya smiled at him. She took a deep breath and continued walking to where he mother stood.

Queen [name] had her hands clasped in front of her, and frowned at her daughter. “Why would you interfere again?”

“Because it was my fault mother,” Saraya spoke quietly. “If I had stopped him inside the belt it wouldn’t have happened at all.”

“It is not the first time situations have occurred that have caused incidents. That is even more reason we do not interfere.”

[Queen] sighed. “You are not above the law, Saraya.”

“I understand.”

[Queen] stepped forward, cupping her daughter’s face gently in her hand and pressed a kiss to her forehead. The words she quietly spoke where for Saraya alone. “It was not the lawful call, but it was the right one.”

If there was one thing she hated it was disappointing her mother. Even if the words brought her some comfort, she still felt guilty. Not over her actions, but because – “If I’ve made things difficult for you here, mother-”

“Let me handle that. Serve your sentence with [honor].”

“Yes [queen].”

The Queen stepped backwards, motioning at the [guards]. “Take her.”

The [guards] came out and took her to the [punishment] chamber. Jochlan watched Saraya taken away, giving her their respectful stance as she passed him.

Savil looked at his mother. “She will be the second queen to be imprisoned before her rule. It does not bode well.”

“That is your only concern after your sister was attacked?”

Savil waved a hand. “I have no doubt Jochlan will get to the bottom of that matter, and Saraya is unharmed. What is harmful are her actions mother. The men are causing civil unrest. This will only agitate more to their cause.”

The Queen turned to look at her son. “There will always be someone who wishes to change the way things are.”

“True. But, change can be good.”

“Not in this instance.”

Savil [action] “The men are simply fighting for a say in their Government.”

Queen* arches a brow. “They have a say. That is the purpose of the General Assembly to give all a say.”

“But they have no right to rule as leader of that Assembly. Or of this planet.”

“Because they are not suited for it. Both history, and the patriarchal controlled planets in other systems have proven that.”

Savil smirks. “In regards to being suited for ruling, it would seem, neither is your heir my queen.”

Queen folded her arms in front of her, staring patiently at Savil. “She broke those rules so her error didn’t cost the lives of others. How would you have broken our laws, Savil?”

“She saved the lives of humans,” he couldn’t hide his distaste of the word. “How can you hold such little regard for the men of Dacwen yet value the lives on Earth so much?”

“You misunderstand. I value all life. It doesn’t matter which planet it is on. To live is a great gift granted by the Source and it should be treated as such. And I should not have to remind you that never have the men of Dacwen been treated as less then. You simply may not rule. Not on this planet.”

Savil stared at his mother in silence. Finally he shook his head, placed his hand over his heart, then extended it outwards. “As you say, my Queen.”

Queen watched him. “Savil. Be careful that your quest for power does not lead you down a path you don’t want to go.”

“I don’t want to be King, mother.”

“Then what do you want?”

Savil simply smiled and walked away.

Queen watches him walk off and sighs. “Jochlan.”

He turned his attention to the Queen as she spoke his name, walking forward and gave her the same respectful greeting. “Ma’am. I have not identified who attacked us inside the Asteroid. However, based on their fighting style and the technology they used, I believe they were from this planet.”

“An unprovoked attacked inside the asteroid belt on the day of the changing of the codes is worrisome and an offense that will not be tolerated,” Queen said. “Find out who was behind this Jochlan.”

“As you command my Queen.” Jochlan paused, casting a brief glance in the direction Savil had departed. “He worries me, Queen. I fear he plots against you.”

A flicker of sadness passed through the Queen’s expressive eyes. “Your instincts do not fail you, Jochlan. My son has set some machinations into motion. We must find out what, but it is a secondary matter to this attack.”

Jochlan looked thoughtful. “He does not hold enough sway over the people to flare the dissenters against you.”

“My concern is that he does not plot against us, but someone else.”

Jochlan nodded. “Understood.” Once more he hesitates.

The Queen smiles kindly at him, noticing his demeanor. “Speak Jochlan.”

“Do you think there is a reason she felt compelled to save them?” he asked.

The [Queen] slowly smiled. “Yes, I do. That will be all.”

Jochlan turned on his heel and marched out of the palace.

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