A Spiritual Coach & a Spiritual Empath come onto a radio show…

Host/Author Crystal Storm aka DCS presents a special round table discussion on the topics covered on Paranormal 101 the last month! Experts? Well, maybe not “experts” but they sure know a lot, and have great information to share with you!

We’ll be joined by Donna DeVane host of Empowered Women Radio, Author, Spiritual Coach, Teacher and Energy Healer. We’ll also have on the line Barbara DeLong Spiritual Empath and radio host from Night-Light and Matrix Radio. 101 Old School Favorite Melchizedek will be giving his insight too.

It’s a two hour discussion you don’t want to miss concerning 2012, Crop Circles and UFO’s, Astrology, Metaphysics, Co-Creation, Civil Disobedience and much more!

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