The OA Review – Do The Answers Even Matter?

(( Possible mild spoilers below for netflix’s series The OA ))

I’m still choked up as I write this. For reasons that within me that I have yet failed to comprehend there is now one movie, and one scene in a TV show that I cannot watch without be reduced to tears. And I’m talking the big ugly tears, the ones where you clutch your chest and your face scrunches up and you’re blubbering over your sobs kind of tears.

There are plenty of mundane world reviews that will tell you The OA is a story about a woman whose journey is not as it appears to be, just google it and you’ll find them. That it’s kind of a is crazy or isn’t she crazy story. Step out of the mundane and I think The OA is the story about Angels who have chosen to shed their wings, come into body, gotten the anemia that usually happens when we came down into this dimension and are having a very, very human experience. It’s pain and beauty, moments of love and terror, strength and weakness, fear and doubt. It is literally everything it is to be human. In the typical way that it goes for those on the path, there are answers for the doubters. If you don’t want to believe our main characters story, if you want to think she’s just crazy the writers give you out. For the rest, the answers don’t come easily. We have to go as OA says several times… “inside”.

The show is brilliant. It’s wonderfully acted, it’s well paced. On display is the beauty and darkness of human nature. It shows up so smartly in how it feels to be a child who can feel that this world is not quite right and how those children lash out in anger because they cannot explain what this wrongness is that they are feeling and none of the adults can explain it to them. They don’t know how to be here.

Let’s talk about the 5 movements. I have no idea if they made this shit up, based it off of something else or what. I don’t know. All I know is I found it powerful. How it starts from the heart and is pushed outwards, the moments of surrender, the grounding of the energy into the earth and how it ends with the ability to finally see. I almost felt like I was watching a scene where the film makers were just fucking around and mistakenly stumbled across a hidden language one that I remember that speaks deeply to me. You see pieces of the movement and its ability to do things when you use with the perfect intent as the show calls it in various episodes. I thought it non so powerful then watching the 5 do it in the near final cafeteria scene. (I am now on my 5th watch. Still crying).

All I can say is, I don’t even need there to be a Season 2. I just need to thank The OA writers, directors, actors and crew for making something so amazing.

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