Humanitys Team & Four Years. Go. – Empowering You

Host/Author Crystal Storm aka DCS & co-host Melchizedek are joined by Humanity’s Team for the first hour and Fours Year. Go. during the second. Show aired live on the Paranormal Soup Network (

Humanity’s Team is a spiritual movement whose purpose is to communicate and implement the belief that we are all one, one with God and one with life, in a shared global state of being, so that the behavior of humanity may shift to reflect this understanding. Dubbed “a civil rights movement for the soul,” the movement has over 35,000 adherents from more than 90 countries on six continents.

FOUR YEARS. GO. is a campaign to shift the current trends of humanity by 2014 so that we will be headed on a path toward an environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling future on this planet.

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