Evolutionary Astrology with Adam Sommer

Forget mainstream news, turn on Alternative Media and its ripe with news stories about the revolutions in Egypt, Libya, and right here in the good ole US of A – thank you Wisconsin. On a personal level, we can feel the quickening, the speeding of time, our emotions are all over the place, everything is changing a lot faster than most of us would like and it’s no wonder we’re scratching our heads going – WTF?

We’ve got the answer! Well, maybe not the whole answer but we think we know. Join Author/Host Crystal Storm aka DCS, Co-host Melchizedek, and very special guest Evolutionary Astrologer Adam Sommer to talk about current events and the new 84 year cycle that’s beginning which might have a little something to do with what’s going on.

Adam weaves together the best of Evolutionary Astrology with Jyotish “Vedic Astrology.” Be sure to check out his website: www.holestoheavens.com

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