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Ending The Year with Reflections and Love Letter To You

Cartoonist Sarah Anderson describes my last few years perfectly with this cartoon: Fans of this blog know I’m not the kicking a blog post out every day or even week kind of girl, not my thing. I’ve promised in years past that I was going to blog more but let’s just get real with it, that’s not going to happen and the purpose of this post isn’t to kick out new years resolutions. Instead this is a fucked up love letter of sorts to myself and those who wander into my life in the future. Some people fear change. They
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The Anarchist and the Bounty Hunter

I know it's not the book but there has been some writing so here it is! After I finished my SWTOR FanFic/Novel Legacy there were two characters that danced around in my head a bit; Lancoro and Kaliyo. I wanted to continue their story but not in any huge way, so what follows is a short story about these two characters. It's a kind of fucked up love story and completely smutty. So enjoy and as always send me your feedback in the comments!
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Star Wars The Last Jedi – The Good and The Bad (Spoiler Filled Review)

Star Wars the Last Jedi wasn’t not a bad film – but it is bringing up stronger emotions than Episodes I and II did to leave me sitting in the middle of the Force. If you have not seen the movie, go and watch it. It deserves many watches as there’s a lot of information to take in there. As far as how much I liked it, I’d put it right underneath Revenge of the Sith. That is to say, I liked Revenge of the Sith more than I like TLJ. The problem I’m realizing as I sit here and
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