Practical Spirituality & Author Allison Rae

The Aquarius full moon on Saturday was all about vision and a new, egalitarian, humanitarian society. But how do we get there? Is it just a pretty utopian ideal but impractical? Sit down with Author/Host Crystal Storm (a.k.a DCS) and Melchizedek as they hit you with the knowledge that practical spirituality isn’t just a pretty idea, it’s a must have already being done.

To continue the discussion they’ll be joined in the second hour by very special guest Allison Rae! Allison explores eco-spiritual dimensions of consciousness evolution through 2012 and beyond through her websites, blogs, books, e-mail newsletters, classes, retreats, counseling and consulting practice with clients around the world. Her writings and teaching reflect nearly two decades of service, synthesizing her connection with indigenous wisdom, dedication to the environment and extensive spiritual study and practice.

In her book, Cosmic Time, she writes of the need to renew our connection to the planet. Today, her lifelong passion for the Earth inspires her work in sustainability, eco-spiritual design and education.

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