Audio: Legacy – An Old Republic Novel Chapter 6

Let’s switch it up a little this week. As you may or may not know I use to play the MMO, Star Wars The Old Republic. I enjoyed the story so much (the first 50 levels anyway) I wrote a fan fiction. It got entirely too long and the author in me just had to do a little more with it. I polished it up a little, and hired an amazing cover artist. Thus was born, Legacy An Old Republic Novel. I’ve already recorded the first five chapters and now here’s Chapter 6 for those of you that like to listen.

The difference between this Chapter and the first 5 are I didn’t any audio.  Sound off in the comments and tell which version you like better? To soundtrack or not to soundtrack, that is the question.

I do have in my brain the idea of another fan fic, and one that combines the current state of SWTOR with TFA. True story. I’ll be writing that one soon.

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