Synarchy Book 3 – Meet the Antagonists

What up peeps! First off my apologies for no snippet, no audio book no nothing last week. It was just a weird energy week. But! The good news is we’re back, I’m back and I pumped out 1200 words today (so far). These means lots to share with you!

I am attempting to put these scenes in some semblance of order.  I know as readers you’re probably already a little confused by the going ons which is fine. Feedback ya’ll! I’m literally sharing things as they vomit out of my brain the dreaded first draft that all the ‘professional” writers will tell you you’re not suppose to share with anybody. *gasp, shudder* Are you enjoying reading the process? Sound off in the comments!

It’s time to meet the antagonists of Synarchy. This takes place right after the previous share, Meet The Protoganists. And if you haven’t already I’d encouraged all brand new blog readers that have stumbled upon this particularly posting to check out Why write Synarchy.

By the way, in the previous scene in Meet the Protoganists there’s a scene I cut out of the end (no idea where it went actually I’ll have to rewrite it) was Jochlan coming to get Saraya’s passed out body and take her back to Dacwen. We start right after that.

In the scene immediately following you’ll get some of my brain notes. There’s a whole two paragraphs that I would call just my brain notes, information that will make it into the book into a different kind of way. The awesome thing about the last scene is that it has really propelled my vision of the story a little bit further. Enough that I’m starting to see the story again.

Ready set, let’s get our sci-fi on.

Planet Dacwen
The Royal Palace

Saraya had regained consciousness by the time Jochlan returned them. She was able to walk on her own down the hallway of the palace and into the throne room. The Luri Kas, members of the Queens guard stood along the columns. The Queen was not alone either, Savil, Saraya’s brother and one of the Queen’s advisers stood with them.

“Saraya-” Jochlan began, but she interrupted him with a shake of her head.

“It’s okay. It was my choice. I’m just glad you’re all right.”

“I will find out who they are, princess. You will have justice, I swear it.”

“I know,” Saraya smiled at him. She took a deep breath and continued walking to where he mother stood.

Queen [name] had her hands clasped in front of her, and frowned at her daughter. “Why would you interfere again?”

“Because it was my fault mother,” Saraya spoke quietly. “If I had stopped him inside the belt it wouldn’t have happened at all.”

“It is not the first time situations have occurred that have caused incidents. That is even more reason we do not interfere.” [Queen] sighed. “You are not above the law, Saraya.”

“I understand.”

[Queen] stepped forward, cupping her daughter’s face gently in her hand and pressed a kiss to her forehead. The words she quietly spoke where for Saraya alone. “It was not the lawful call, but it was the right one.”

If there was one thing she hated it was disappointing her mother. Even if the words brought her some comfort, she still felt guilty. Not over her actions, but because – “If I’ve made things difficult for you here, mother-”

“Let me handle that. Serve your sentence with [honor].”

“Yes [queen].”

The Queen stepped backwards, motioning at the [guards]. “Take her.”

The [guards] came out and took her to the [punishment] chamber. Jochlan watched Saraya taken away, giving her their respectful stance as she passed him.

Savil looked at his mother. “She will be the second queen to be imprisoned before her rule. It does not bode well.”

“That is your only concern after your sister was attacked?”

Savil waved a hand. “I have no doubt Jochlan will get to the bottom of that matter, and Saraya is unharmed. What is harmful are her actions mother. The men are causing civil unrest. This will only agitate more to their cause.”

The Queen turned to look at her son. “There will always be someone who wishes to change the way things are.”

“True. But, change can be good.”

“Not in this instance.”

Savil [action] “The men are simply fighting for a say in their Government.”

Queen* arches a brow. “They have a say. That is the purpose of the General Assembly to give all a say.”

“But they have no right to rule as leader of that Assembly. Or of this planet.”

“Because they are not suited for it. Both history, and the patriarchal controlled planets in other systems have proven that.”

Savil smirks. “In regards to being suited for ruling, it would seem, neither is your heir my queen.”

Queen folded her arms in front of her, staring patiently at Savil. “She broke those rules so her error didn’t cost the lives of others. How would you have broken our laws, Savil?”

“She saved the lives of humans,” he couldn’t hide his distaste of the word. “How can you hold such little regard for the men of Dacwen yet value the lives on Earth so much?”

“You misunderstand. I value all life. It doesn’t matter which planet it is on. To live is a great gift granted by the Source and it should be treated as such. And I should not have to remind you that never have the men of Dacwen been treated as less then. You simply may not rule. Not on this planet.”

Savil stared at his mother in silence. Finally he shook his head, placed his hand over his heart, then extended it outwards. “As you say, my Queen.”

Queen watched him. “Savil. Be careful that your quest for power does not lead you down a path you don’t want to go.”

“I don’t want to be King, mother.”

“Then what do you want?”

Savil simply smiled and walked away.

Queen watched him walk off and sighed. “Jochlan.”

He turned his attention to the Queen as she spoke his name, walking forward and gave her the same respectful greeting. “Ma’am. I have not identified who attacked us inside the Asteroid. However, based on their fighting style and the technology they used, I believe they were from this planet.”

“An unprovoked attacked inside the asteroid belt on the day of the changing of the codes is worrisome and an offense that will not be tolerated,” Queen said. “Find out who was behind this Jochlan.”

“As you command my Queen.” Jochlan paused, casting a brief glance in the direction Savil had departed. “He worries me. I fear he plots against you.”

A flicker of sadness passed through the Queen’s expressive eyes. “Your instincts do not fail you, Jochlan. My son has set some machinations into motion. We must find out what, but it is a secondary matter to this attack.”

Jochlan looked thoughtful. “He does not hold enough sway over the people to flare the dissenters against you.”

“My concern is that he does not plot against us, but someone else.”

Jochlan nodded. “Understood.” Once more he hesitates.

The Queen smiles kindly at him, noticing his demeanor. “Speak Jochlan.”

“Do you think there is a reason she felt compelled to save them?” he asked.

The [Queen] slowly smiled. “Yes, I do. That will be all.”

Jochlan turned on his heel and marched out of the palace.

Certain cosmic laws governed the universe and planets that were to undergo the ascension process. No one but source knew what ethereal goddess or god had put this into place. It was a test yes but a miscarry one. A rite of passage before power was given. This was done in attempt to prevent the kind of cosmic destruction that Atlantis had caused. Thus the Demiurge was born.

Before passing unto earth, all souls with their great knowledge and power were filtered through the Demiurge. It was they who were responsible of hiding memories of the great cosmic knowledge, of trying to trick souls into karmic agreements that would make it all the more difficult for them to remember, ascend, evolve once they were in body.
Explanations of ascension could be simplified into simply remembering your soul. Remembering its knowledge, remembering where it came from, remembering the power that was everyone’s birthright and taking that power back.

It wasn’t easy, as evidenced by the current state of affairs on Earth. Power was the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Shadows crawled and they whispered.  Time had no meaning here, so it was no thing that the line stretched out the door.  The room was huge if you could call it that.  It was more just space, a void,  the gateway between spirit and physical form, the way point between There and Earth.  The souls that patiently waited their turn looked nothing like the Demiurge.

Savil walked slowly into the void.  He could feel the Demiurge more than he could see them, distinct yet formless. The light hid them; it was only in the darkness that you could make out their shapes. There was no way to describe them, no being alive in any galaxy on any inhabited planet that looked like the Demiurge. There were six of them.

You have failed us.

It was more feeling than actual sound.  Still, it translated well in his mind.

“No. I have come with a solution.” Savil tried to stand tall, but they slithered and moved around him eliciting fear from his *Dacwen body. A cold sweat broke out on the back of his neck and his heart rate rapidly climbed until it was pounding in his chest.

…speak it.

“The Black Knight Satellite. The humans of Earth that refuse to take back their power, we take it from them. The Anunnaki have abandoned the planet to continue their war with Heven. Heven has forsaken them. The Galactic Federation is in pieces and will take time to rebuild. That energy is ripe for the taking. Take it. Rip their souls from their bodies, send the soul back. I will see to it that that that energy is sent here which will allow you to take form on Earth. Then nothing will stop us from finding the doorways the Horan’s guard and opening them. Once you have that power, you will no longer be bound to earth. No planet in the cosmos will be safe from you. Any planet ascended or not can be controlled by the Demiurge.”

They hissed and withered because what Savil said enticed them. Power was the ultimate aphrodisiac.

…and in return?

Savil smiled. It was not a smile of warmth or love. It dripped with the pleasure of an ego that wanted destruction and the pain of chaos. That wanted revenge. “I wish to be one of you. And I wish for Dacwen to be the first planet that you enslave.”

They were laughing. It sounded nothing like the laughter that came from a being with form. This lacked *human emotion, it cut right through him and inspired a fear that shook Savil down to his very soul.


The single word boomed in the chamber. The contract was sealed.

Savil had no time to smile before he felt himself being ejected, thrust back through the portal that brought him here, nausea overtaking him in the milliseconds it took. He was spit out onto the floor of his room in the palace on (Capital city name goes here). Savil stood up, dusting himself off arrogantly, inwardly smirking at what was to come.

Time was of the essence. He would need to move now, while one of his meddling sister’s was serving out the length of her sentence.

Reide was pretty sure Savil had been switched at birth. Their mother had had four children, two daughters, two sons and Savil had been a *douche [need alien word here] from day one.

He was also up to something. She followed him through the *market [alien word] and frowned because the path he was taking was familiar. The destination was the *control room (better term for this) that controlled what the Earth conspiracy theorists [who were usually right] had called The Black Knight Satellite.
It was a satellite. It could also be used as a weapon. It had been put in place to monitor the seven seals that kept the doorways closed. And, should something happen on earth that the Horans couldn’t stop, should the doorways become threatened by the people of earth, the Black Knight had a setting that would forcibly remove every single soul from earth in one sweep. Death basically. It was a *fucking (alien word) death beam.

Reide didn’t like it, but no one who was halfway decent did. The idea of mass genocide didn’t sit right with her, but the idea of letting out what was behind those doorways didn’t sit right with her either. It was a necessary thing, the kind one hoped and *prayed [hmm different word?] they would never, ever have to use. Which begged the question, what the *fuck was Savil doing heading towards the control room he didn’t have access to open anyway? Reide frowned, she thought to call Jochlan but he had his hands full at the moment, and she might be wrong. She didn’t want to send Savil off into a temper tantrum that would feed the ire of the men on the planet who suddenly thought not having a king was affecting their manhood. Masculinity was just so fragile at times, Reide thought with a smirk. Really it was a symptom of an internal lack of the feminine. Basically those *whiney *fucks were out of balance and needed to head to the *Temple of Healing [this title is weak and must be approved upon] stat.

She shook her head, and rounded the corner Savil had ducked behind. Reide pulled up short because she was suddenly face to face with her brother.

Savil grabbed her arm, and Reide felt a pinprick from his grasp. He’d just dosed her something.

“Savil-“she started but words were failing her. In fact she felt herself rapidly falling into unconsciousness.

“Don’t worry sister,” his voice sounded far away, but his words inspired an utterly helpless kind of panic. “You won’t be alive to see the horror. My gift to you.”

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